Following the episode, Michelle was still in the process of closing the deal with Robert (via WXYZ-TV Detroit). However, since then, there have not been any updates regarding if the deal fully went through. The company continues to expand its line of products, with such creations as the G.O.A.T Milk Dog Treats, a gluten-free dog treat made from goat milk. It also has helped reach out to the community, with the treats handmade by disabled workers at the Wisconsin Eisenhower Center and part of the proceeds gained from the speakers going to help animal rescues. Most of the company’s products are sold on Amazon. This includes the speakers, which were originally priced at $24.99 when airing on the show, but have since gone down to $11.99. The product has mostly garnered good reviews from Amazon shoppers. 

Outside of this, however, G.O.A.T Pet Products has remained mostly silent. Its Facebook page has not been updated since September 2021. While the website is up and running, many of their products remain out of stock both on the site and Amazon. Similarly, the speaker’s Bluetooth app has not been updated since March 2019. Who knows what the future holds for G.O.A.T, but hopefully they don’t sit and stay for much longer.


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